So, my name is Judith and I want to public some parts of my sometimes difficult life. I know I´m really not the only one but I think something is different to others life.. I´m 18 since one week ago and I try to start my own life. NOW.

Alter: 20

Mehr über mich...

Ich wünsche mir...:
I wish to be happy

Ich glaube...:
I believe in heaven

Man erkennt mich an...:
my laughter



The start of something new

I waited so long on my 18th birthday and now it happened. I feel more free but I still haven´t money, live home with my family and wait for someone who´ll buy our house so we can move on. My word of the year will be: WAIT. I can´t wait anymore and I´m so bored of that shit. Furthermore I´m still single and the boys always fall in love with my best friends.

But now is the time to change something! I know that I am beautiful and I have to show that in public!

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