So, my name is Judith and I want to public some parts of my sometimes difficult life. I know I´m really not the only one but I think something is different to others life.. I´m 18 since one week ago and I try to start my own life. NOW.

Alter: 21

Mehr über mich...

Ich wünsche mir...:
I wish to be happy

Ich glaube...:
I believe in heaven

Man erkennt mich an...:
my laughter



nothing happened yet

today is sunday in the middle of karneval... ok its nearly over and I´ve just one day left to got a boy... I know I stress myself but I think I need that. last year I kissed a boy at my best friends houseparty and he is really attractive.. I always want to be next to him but he really often isn´t there.. I don´t want that actually because he is an anti-christian as well.. and I believe in God.. I don´t know what to do, I just know that I want to spend time with him at all... Probably I´ll see him tomorrow but I´m not sure..

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Karneval too dangerous?

My mom told me that Karneval on tuesday near cologne is too dangerous. Me and my friends want to have fun there together but the terror attacks scare me. My mom knows I´m 18 but she really is afraid about my safety. I see her point and I´m scared too but I want to go there anyway. I don´t know what to do. Should I be safe home alone while my friends make party without me and they might be in danger? Or should I ignore the risk so that I can have fun and maybe it won´t be brutal?

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